BACOENG Bomba de agua sumergible DC12V, 120W Precio: 65,99 (Fecha 09/05/2021 03:10 PST- Detalle)


Performance data:
Max Head:8m (26ft)
Sirga length: 6m
Product Size: 160mm * 160mm * 240mm
Weight: 3.2kg

The DC 12V submersible pump with matched power supply is a wonderful water pump for all the drainage of shipping, aquaculture, graziery, and fabricado & mineral industry.
1).Lelo structure, less components, easy maintenance and repair.
2).Use High-quality corrosion-resistant materials, compact and diuturno.
3).Safety: DC voltage, 60V maximum security and stability, will not burn out the machine.
4).Coaxial machine,use floating port ring structure ,improve the mechanical efficiency and volumetric efficiency.
5).High-lift: Use Bi-turbo roundabout countercurrent technology,stable drainage and cánido greatly improve the pump head, meet rinse water.
6).Small sound, no noise pollution, pagoda shaped outlet easy connected for pipe, mini-handle with good insulation properties, surface antisepsis, wear resistance,high mechanical hardness.

Precautions for use:
1). Forbid idling
2). Do not pull on wires
3). Check if power & voltage are fit with pump
4). Check if red line is on(+) of battery, and another is on (-)
5). Keep pump out of water after use and dry it inventilation places.
6). Before use, please put electric pump in water first, then power-on.
7). If water is with sundries like silt, please put pump in bamboo basket or other prevention device to prevent the blocking.
8). If the head is too low, please check:
• Connect the red wire to the positive (+) terminal and the other wire to the negative (-) terminal. Do not be reversed.
• Whether the power is enough.
• Open the bottom mesh net to check whether the impeller is blocked.

Ebullición: 12 V (trabaja con obra embaldosar)
Capacidad: 120 W
Cabida: 6000L/H
Entrada de extracción: 8 m (26ft)
Influencia: 25 mm (1”)