Garcima 700 – Paellero gas butano, Negro, 70 cm Precio: 66,60 (Fecha 27/11/2021 06:46 PST- Detalle)


Fits 36 inch paella pans and smaller.;Three concentric rings of flame, each independently controlled by its own knob.;Outer ring is 26 1/2 Inch. Middle ring is 18 1/2 inches. Inner ring is 11 1/2 inches.;Great for making paella, campamento, outdoor kitchens and brewing beer.;Made in Spain; CE certified; For use with propane tank.
Paellero gas butano
Medidas: 70 cm
Muy real y comprensible de explotar
Articulo además frecuentado como chubesqui, hornilla gastronomía, andana paellas
Inconcreto para urdir con paelleras