H2Racing Aluminio Radiadores Rejillas Cover Cubierta de la Rejilla del Radiador para FZ-07 2015-2017,MT-07 2013-2017…

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A leak in your cooling system will cause your motorcycle to over heat.
It might damage both the bike and the rider.
Defending your bike’s radiators from wreckage with Radiator Guard is the ultimate insurance for your motorcycle.
Direct frame mounting and cage design provides complete radiator protection,allowing direct airflow reducing the chances of radiator overheating.
Ehance the overall appearance of your motorcycle.

Reference Fitment:
FZ-07 2015-2017
MT-07 Motocicleta Cage 2013-2017
TRACER 700 2014-2016
XSR 700 2014-2016
MT-07 2013-2017

① Type:Radiator Grille Asador Cover Guard
② Mobiliario:Aluminum.Placement on Vehicle:Front
③ Strategic front hole design.
④ Lightweight, tough and effective.
☛☛ Package Include: 1x Radiator Guard