KitchenCraft MasterClass Termómetro de Horno de 50-300 Grados Celsius, Acero Inoxidable, Plata Precio: 7,01 (Fecha 06/12/2021 07:51 PST- Detalle)


The easy way to keep your oven at the perfect temperature. No wires and no equipo-up – simply hook it on to the wire shelf in your oven;It’s great for precision cooking and makes tricky foods easier to cook, as well as ensuring that your oven is heating up properly;Provides temperature readings between 50 and 300 degrees Celsius / 100 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit;Easy-to-read dial, with increments of diez degrees Celsius / 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply read the temperature through the glass!;Five year guarantee
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