Thermomate ELEX9.6 9.6kW Calentador de Agua Instantáneo Eléctrico sin Tanque, con LED Pantalla Digital Blanco y… Precio: 146,59 (Fecha 23/06/2021 11:35 PST- Detalle)


Flexibility in Installation –
It is only one third of a 6L gas water heater, which allows for more flexibility when determining the best place for installation, conceptual for apartments as well as a wide range of business and industrial applications.

Energy-saving Oriented –
In decentralized system, the water is delivered to one shower and /or sink in short water pipe. It will be heated on demand only when it is used, thus circulation and storage energy loss are almost eliminated. Compared to the traditional storage heating systems, 30%-50% of electricity will be saved.

Usuario-friendly –
With backlit LCD digital display and touch screen, you will easily get hot water at the exact desired temperature. The exclusive Electric Temperature Control (ETC) ensures a constant temperature output even if flow rates vary up or down, avoiding alternately to burn or freeze you.

No-worry After-sales?Service –
With CE, TüV-GS approval, all thermomate electric water heaters go through multiple testings, and will come with a 2-year after-sales warranty to rest you assured.

Nominal power rating: 9.6 kW
Temperature range: 0-60℃
Switch on flow rate: 2.2 L/min
Flow rate(△t=25℃): 5.4 L/min
Flow rate(△t=35℃): 3.9 L/min
Switch on flow pressure: 0.1MPa
Max. pressure water mains: 0.6MPa
Water connections: G1/2”
Electric supply: 220-240V 50Hz
Nominal current: 40-44A
Required circuit breaker: 50 AMP Double Pole ( NOT included )
Required wire: 4mm2 ( NOT included )

It must be hardwired by a Qualified Electrician and it will not plug in.

1 x Thermomate 9.6kW instant electric water heater
1 x Mounting template
1 x Installation accessory kit (1 filter mat, 4 spacers, 4 gaskets, 4 screws, 4 anchors) 1 x Instruction manual

Inquiry & after-sales service: [email protected]
Calentamiento Muy Veloz – solo es necesario unos segundos a fin de que el agua se ardiente
La pantalla digital LCD retroiluminada y la variación fanático de la temperatura en 1 ℃ a través del control táctil brindan a los individuos un control invariable del agua ardiente.
Construido en aleación de alta definición elemento de calefacción desvisto, es ácido a la corrosión, durable, y impedir la vinculación de incrustaciones.
Sistema descentralizado – Sin consumo de predominación en espera, solo excita el agua que requiere, hucha de agua y predominación hasta en un 50%
Simple instalación – Disponer a bocajarro en el punto de empleo, el agua se puede expedir a una o bien dos salidas para el enjuague o bien la cocina simultáneamente.